At  New Canaan Community Foundation, we know that philanthropy is personal, and that every individual has a unique charitable vision.

We work with donors and  professional advisors as well as with local non-profit organizations to create individual plans tailored to donors’ specific interests and needs. We have decades of experience and a wide range of philanthropic tools at our disposal.

Build a tradition of giving that will last forever

For donors who want to “leave a lasting legacy for our community” the Foundation is a perfect match. Whether through a bequest or by setting up a fund, we guarantee effective use of your gift for generations to come. A legacy gift for our community may be unrestricted, supporting the Foundation’s response to evolving community needs, or focused on an area the donor defines, such as the arts, education or the environment. 

The Foundation also collaborates with nonprofit organizations to establish an agency endowment fund at the Community Foundation, taking advantage of our greater investing capacity and our stewardship.

Tell us your story and how we can help you realize your charitable dreams.

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