An agency endowment fund for a nonprofit organization is a simple and effective way to build income and long term financial stability, so you can focus on your mission.

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Agency endowment funds of any size are invested with the Foundation’s pool of assets.  The Foundation’s economies of scale provide your organization the benefit of a diverse investment portfolio that typically is only available to larger accounts.  You can focus your efforts on carrying out the non-profit’s mission.  You have access to the resources when you need them.

How it Works

  • New Canaan Street SignYour Board determines how much to invest in an endowment.
  • We work with you to develop a fund agreement that meets the financial needs and vision of your organization.
  • We handle all the administrative details of the endowment - including investment management, gift acknowledgements and reporting – giving you more time to concentrate on your mission.
  • You receive quarterly statements of fund activity.
  • Distributions can be made to the organization when needed.

What Do I Do Now?

Call us at (203) 966-0231 or email us at and we can help you shape a nonprofit endowment fund that fits your needs and carries your organization into a financially secure future.