We work as part of a professional team to take good care of our charitable resources and your generous gifts. 

A budding tree with coins.NCCF has established a thorough and flexible investment policy designed to maximize total return consistent with an acceptable level of risk. Execution of this policy is overseen by an experienced, well-qualified Finance Committee and the entire Board of Directors.  Investments are managed by three professional, independent investment management firms, selected and reviewed quarterly by the Financial Committee.

The investment objectives for NCCF’s assets, ranked in order of priority, are:

  1. Preservation of capital through the establishment of prudent investment quality standards and diversification to cushion the assets against loss in value.
  2. Provision for inflation protection, seeking to maintain a reasonable balance between purchasing power and capital preservation.
  3. Maximization of total investment return consistent with the above principles.

Download the full Investment Policy

Information on the Foundation’s historic investment returns is available.  Call us at
(203) 966-0231 for more details.