Read what your neighbors say about why they support the Community Foundation…


"I grew up with barely enough money to get by in New Canaan and I know firsthand how difficult it can be. I also know that people can struggle in this town despite its affluence and it is not always comfortable to ask for help. Yet, I flourished because of the kindness of friends and neighbors. The Touch a Life program has taken this personal kindness to the next level and I am happy to be able to give back and be part of an organized effort to reach out, protect and support our neighbors."
— Eileen Thomas

Carey Family “New Canaan is a wonderful town. Nurturing our community and being part of the good work of the Foundation has become a family tradition.”
— Wendy Carey
Peter Bergen with dog. “As a grant distribution volunteer, I have been so impressed by the due diligence performed during the grant review process, and I know that my charitable dollars are having the highest impact possible.”
— Peter Bergen, Grant distribution volunteer
    for NCCF

Dave and Sara Hunt “Since 1977, the Foundation has been enhancing the lives of New Canaan residents with charitable grants that reflect sound judgment and that meet a wide range of community needs.”
— Dave and Sara Hunt
Lovejoy Family “The advice and philanthropic services available through the NCCF staff and volunteers are exceptional.  In our busy lives, it is great to know that we can rely on their expertise to ensure that our annual gift and our donor advised fund distributions go a long way to benefit many worthy, local organizations.”
— Stuart and Susan Lovejoy