Take advantage of our philanthropic services.  Tell us what you want to accomplish, and what you care about, and we’ll help you focus your charitable resources to make the most impact. Get involved with New Canaan Community Foundation.  Everyone can be a philanthropist!

HandprintsNew Canaan Community Foundation is a professional resource for all residents. We can help you design your philanthropic vision and achieve your charitable goals, no matter what size.

Making a gift to the Community Foundation is easy. Our philanthropic services are flexible so we can assist all donors. All levels of giving are welcome. When local people give together, we have a greater impact on the communities we care about.

How To Give

The Foundation can accept gifts of checks, credit card payments, appreciated stock, wire transfers, or other assets.  You can make a gift now or include us in your legacy giving.  Call us at 203-966-0231 or email us at info@newcanaancf.org.

provide the following information to your financial advisor or broker. 

Gifts can be made to the New Canaan Community Foundation account at:

DTC 0062
Brokerage Account  #42529061

Vanguard Contact: Chelsea Houck (610) 669-6179

Please notify the office of your stock gift so we can send you an acknowledgement.  Thank you!


Bankwell New Canaan
156 Cherry Street
New Canaan, CT 06840

ABA Routing # 021113662 (Please call the office at 203-966-0231 for our account #)

Please complete and sign the Donor Recommendation Form and return to the office. The form will be presented to the Executive Committee for approval.

Personalized Philanthropic Services

Man with a child planting.The Foundation’s professional staff offers Personalized Philanthropic Services to help you meet your charitable goals.  We can work with you and your family to help refine your charitable intent and determine the best ways to achieve your vision through your customized philanthropic plan.

Local Expertise

The Foundation offers Local Expertise. Our Board and our staff have an in depth understanding of the challenges facing our community and the organizations that are successfully addressing these issues.

Community Leadership

We offer Community Leadership with a Board of Directors comprised of leaders from our community who are acutely aware of local needs and knowledgeable about who is working to address those pressing needs, now and in the future.

Prudent Stewardship

We practice Prudent Stewardship and carefully manage our charitable assets. We offer local charitable giving vehicles that are easy to set up and manage, with excellent  tax benefits.